Providing Legal, Commercial and Claims Advice to the Shipping Industry. 

 All requests for quotations should be submitted to C Support Limited by the client or their chosen intermediary. 

1. Name of Client Group 
2. Vessel details: 
3. Name of Protection and Indemnity Insurers and Brokers 
4. Name of Hull and Machinery Insurers and Brokers 
5. Type of trade 
6. Name of Current or Prospective Charterer 
7. Details of any claims or disputes brought by or against the client or any affiliated company within the last 12 months 
This form should be read in conjunction with the C SUPPORT Terms and Conditions. 
The agreed non returnable annual fee is payable on acceptance by C Support Limited of this Proposal Form. 
This Proposal Form is an integral part of the C SUPPORT product package and should be answered accurately and truthfully. Any misrepresentation or omission could invalidate the extent of the C SUPPORT product. 
This is not an Insurance Policy and you are advised to take professional advice if you are unclear about the nature and scope of this product. 
We are not a law firm nor an insurance company and we are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Although our staff are legally trained we may seek if deemed by us to be appropriate, further external legal advice at any time at our expense when advising within the terms of this product. See our full Terms and Conditions. By signing this Proposal Form you are deemed to have read, understood and agreed our Terms and Conditions including any limitation as to our liability to you. 
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